CCTV4 - China news report: power pontoon bridging with water to ensure large equipment

When the water bypass, navigation is unimpeded, like the "Transformers" in the water, the automatic expansion of the big guy, called the power pontoon. It's bigger than a basketball court, and in dangerous sections where roads are impassable, it can be used to carry emergency supplies and large machinery in place by water. On July 30, the power pontoon bridge was first used at the break of Wanzidi Dam in Chizhou, Anhui Province. On the opening day, the 110-meter-long break closed 20 meters....

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Kovitent, founded in 1967. The company has a very proud history - Mao Zedong personally approved the construction, Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin inspected the company's products, Yu Zhengsheng, He Guoqiang visited the company, General Zhang Aiping personally inscribed the name of the factory.

Adhering to the enterprise mission of 'taking emergency support as its own responsibility and making contributions to human security', the company focuses on China's emergency cause, expands from emergency traffic engineering equipment to emergency early warning and rescue equipment, and develops step by step into a research and development and innovation base for China's emergency early warning and rescue equipment. It has Wuhan R&D, Beijing Marketing, Chi. Wall manufacturing and its three bases are known as the pioneers of China's emergency industry. It is a national enterprise technology center and emergency transportation engineering equipment research center of Hubei Province, and a national high-tech enterprise. In 2016, it became the first general assembly enterprise and the first listed company in the emergency industry.