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  • [quality month] China launched the "craftsmen's propaganda quality" campaign


    During the activity, the craftsmen exchanged their understanding of quality with their own experiences. "Jiangxia Craftsman" Ye Fei tells his growing experience from a fitter intern to a skilled leader with rich design experience and outstanding professional ability. Hu Junrong, a senior technician, passed through the German acceptance of the PC mold table with the PC mold table at one time, and conveyed to us his working principle of "always upholding quality first".

  • The head of the national emergency management department comes to China's emergency inspection and guidance work


    In order to vigorously carry forward the "craftsman spirit" of professional dedication, innovation, and excellence, and effectively promote the overall quality of the staff, China's Emergency Quality Safety and Environment Department, Trade Union and Red Cliff Branch, Wuhan Branch held the "Craftsman Propaganda Quality" on September 19, taking the "Quality Month" as an opportunity. There were more than 200 people in the two factories.

  • CCTV4 - China news report: power pontoon bridging with water to ensure large equipment


    When the water bypass, navigation is unimpeded, like the "Transformers" in the water, the automatic expansion of the big guy, called the power pontoon. It's bigger than a basketball court, and in dangerous sections where roads are impassable, it can be used to carry emergency supplies and large machinery in place by water. On July 30, the power pontoon bridge was first used at the break of Wanzidi Dam in Chizhou, Anhui Province. On the opening day, the 110-meter-long break closed 20 meters.